Help needed from passionate ravers


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15 mrt 2020
Dear Ravers,

I am currently working on a concept for a platform for ravers. I am thinking about an application where each raver has a profile. On your profile will be shown which festivals you visited or will visit in the future. Also it will show your favorite DJs and how often you have seen them.
In a list with festivals you can select the ones you will go to. You can also get in contact with other ravers who will go to the same festival. At the festival site you can check in and select the DJs you will visit. Once you checked in, the festival and the DJs on your profile will be updated.
There will also be a list with the craziest ravers, who went to the most festivals. And a list with DJs and their biggest fans, who have seen them the most. Through these lists you can also get in contact with each other. Are you the craziest party animal?

For this idea I need to gather some information from other festival lovers than me and you can help me a lot by answering only 7 yes/no questions in a Google form.
If you want to help me, you can find the Google form right here:


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