Best Captain Full Platform Bed with Storage Review

When there are storage issues in a bedroom, you wish that there would be more space. It seems there is never enough space to store bed sheets, comforters, throw pillows, clothes, and books. These are among other items that need to be organized. With captain's full size platform bed with storage, this problem will be a thing of the past.

These beds could be having plenty of drawers in the platform bed full size. The beauty of this kind of storage is that it does not require floor space. It is not like when
purchasing extra cabinets for the bedroom.


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Captain Full Platform Bed with Drawers

Why should you choose a captain full platform bed with drawers? Drawers are an excellent way of creating more storage space in a bedroom.

Numerous items that include; bedding, books, shoes, and clothes can be stored there. Depending on the design of the bed, the drawers can be below the bed frame or on the side.

The number of drawers that are incorporated in the bed differs, and you can choose one based on your needs. It is an amazing way to keep any bedroom organized.

Captain Full Platform Bed with Bookcase

It is an interesting bed that is perfect for those that enjoy reading. It is also a great addition to a student’s bedroom as they will keep their books and stationery organized. The books will be within reach, especially when they want to read from the bedroom.

Although the bookcase can be on the full bed platform frame, some find it easier to have it on the headboard. It is much easier to reach a book when in bed.

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Captain Full Platform Bed with Cabinets

The good thing about the captain full bed platform is that you are not limited to the storage options. Instead of having shelves and drawers, one can opt to have cabinets.
The cabinets will also be hidden under the bed, but they are, especially fixed on the footboard. They are designed as the traditional ones that are easy to open and closed. Plenty of stuff can be stored there.


Plenty of Storage Space

The advantage of these beds is that there are no limitations to the storage space. You are not limited to drawers as wrap-around storage areas can also be included.
They can all be incorporated to give you options to organize the bedroom.


Captain full size platform bed with storage is functional and stylish. If the guest’s or the kids' rooms have been disorganized for a long time, this is a perfect way to keep them organized.

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You can get a bed with as much storage as possible, in different sizes and designs. With a smooth gliding mechanism, it will be easy to operate the storage areas.

If you feel that the canopy bed does not have much storage space as you would have wanted, do not despair. You can have an expert customize it to bring out as much space as needed. There is always a design that will suit your preferences.